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ErgoMask ErgoMasks
ErgoMask from Tuoren Medical     WHEN ORDINARY JUST ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH!

ErgoMasks / ErgoMask
ErgoMask ErgoMask
Standard face masks weren't designed for positive pressure ventilation.

Bag-valve mask (BVM) ventilation is one of the most basic and at times most difficult lifesaving emergency techniques. The asymmetric ergonomic face mask with the off center ventilation port is here to help! ErgoMask is designed for an optimal one and two handed BVM attempt.

The ability to maintain an optimal airway maneuver and seal using one hand becomes an issue of technique, skill, and hand size. In some specific cases two rescuers are necessary.

ErgoMask / Richards Medical Equipment

The ErgoMask features a contoured ridge and a colored marker for grip placement. By covering with the first and second fingers the colored marker along the ridge the hand will control the whole mask by generating a power grip and will place fingers 3, 4, and 5 on the chin for a chin lift and head extension. The ErgoMask can make even the most challenging BVM ventilation less stressful and more efficient!


ErgoMask ErgoMask
ErgoMask / Richards Medical Equipment

ErgoMask / Richards Medical Equipment

Grip the whole dome along the rim without allowing any color to show.


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Standard face masks weren't designed for positive pressure ventilation

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